Welcome! We are
the Caldeira Institute.

Located in the 4th District of Porto Alegre, Instituto Caldeira has as its headquarters the former factories of Industries A.J. Renner. With an area of 22,000 m² exclusively for the use of companies, startups and projects related to the New Economy.
The name of the Institute is inspired by the old boilers imported from Europe by AJRenner in the 1920s. Today, it is a space for activities related to innovation and New Economy.
A space for leasing by companies, innovation labs, startups, educational institutions and initiatives connected to what is new. Customized solutions for different market demands.
The institute was born from the connection of 39 founding companies with the objective of promoting the New Economy of our State.

About Us

A hub that brings together initiatives and partners that are linked to the New Economy.

We connect companies, universities, startups and different parties interested in the digital transformation of business and the promotion of the gaucho ecosystem.

A non-profit institution, founded by 39 large companies with the purpose of making concrete and positive transformations in Rio Grande do Sul, promoting innovation, connecting everyone who is passionate about the theme.

We operate
in 3 pillars


Human Capital

We support and promote initiatives aimed at retaining, attracting and training talent from Rio Grande do Sul.

Connecting the Corporate World with the New Economy

We promote activities, partners and tools that help companies in their digital transformations and in promoting the culture of innovation as well as the startup mindset.

Connectings the Public Powers With The New Economy

We support and accelerate social impact technologies, in addition to promoting urban innovation initiatives and projects.

Products and services

Innovation Diagnostic Assessment
An analysis of the company to diagnose the stage of innovation that it is in.
Leadership Innovation Program
A program to develop themes related to innovation in the leadership of companies.
Innovation Culture Map
A business tool to better project team performance.
Customer Experience
journeys for the understanding and creation of actions that can be taken to improve and optimize the interaction between consumers and brands throughout the phases of the relationship process: Pre, during and after sales.
Acceleration of Digital Products
analysis of digital products and the application of methodologies to accelerate or advance the creation of new products.
Seek and Solve
resolution of medium/high complexity challenges through a connection with startups after curation and pitch day, with selected startups.
Startup Screening
screening of startups that have plug and play solutions for their current company challenges.
Themed Meetups
curated themes, speakers and event production.
an ideation marathon with the execution or not of the poc, of diverse themes and the production of the event.
Services Design
multidisciplinary methodologies that help to create or reinvent services and products or the customer experience in relation to companies' products and services.
Biz Hacking
technical marketing design of a solution driver for the problem presented, at a strategic/tactical level.
Build Strat
steering Committee during the start of operation of the new solution.
Venture Design
definition of the business canvas about the new business.
(Digital Start)
digital strategy module.
Box Breaker
Implementation of a startup within the company (strategic fit).
DVV (Data Value Vectors)
Data conversion into incremental and/or disruptive value drivers.
International Delegations
Delegations to learn about and understand the most innovative places across the world.
Classrom & Online Activities
Physical locations for classroom activities and the full infrastructure for providing online services.
In House Workshops
A quick and dynamic way to ensure your employees and managers understand: entrepreneurs and innovation; the fundamentals of the new economy; how to establish or work with startups.
Drawing on the collective group of founding businessmen of Caldeira and their business partners.
Research And Industry Reports
Main trends; The uses and consequences of new technology on the market and on the lives of consumers.

Caldeira Team

Marciano Testa
CEO and
José Galló
Chairman of
the Board of
Directors of
Lojas Renner
Júlio Mottin
Grupo Dimed
Frederico Logemann
Investor Relations &
Strategic Pllannig Manager
Rodrigo Vontobel
Marcos Boschetti
Haroldo Stumpf
Banco Topázio
Claudio Coutinho
President of
Pedro Valério
Executive Director
Livia Menegat
Project Manager