that accelerate
innovation .

We are a non-profit institute that connects people and initiatives through an innovation hub and a community that seeks greater competitiveness and to foster an ecosystem for the new economy.

Founded by 42 large companies with the purpose of driving transformations through innovation.

Located in a 22,000 m² area, in an old industrial complex, which still houses the boilers imported from Europe by AJ Renner in the 1920’s.

Today, Instituto Caldeira is a space dedicated to activities related to innovation and the new economy, in addition to being the headquarters for research, technology and innovation companies.

Our Founders

Meet the companies engaged in fostering the innovation ecosystem in Rio Grande do Sul and responsible for founding Instituto Caldeira.


Corporates, startups, universities and public authorities receive exclusive benefits, events and services from our ecosystem, in addition to having physical space within the Institute.

Meet all our residents
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Our Strategic Partners

Our network of partners includes big national and international innovation hubs. The Caldeira community can connect with these initiatives through events, missions and business meetings between these partners.

We foster and contribute to the growth of our state's ecosystem.

Our Mission

Foster the innovation ecosystem by connecting all those who passionate about this purpose.

Our Vision

Be recognized globally as a high-impact innovation hub.

Our Values

Simplicity: truth, transparency and humility.

Hands on: execution capacity, proactivity, and focus on problem solving.

“Dale” team: results are built through teamwork.

that accelerate

We are an engaged community that is passionate about innovation.

Physical Space

We are based in a 22,000 m² building that has more than 20 meeting rooms, 4 event spaces, and more than 120 coworking positions for member use.

Caldeira Community

We connect more than 400 organizations through matchmaking, internal chat tools, and socializing and relationship events, such as happy hours and monthly breakfasts.

Content and events

There are several weekly events that address topics related to technology and innovation, startup pitches, discussions on open innovation, and masterclasses on new technologies, among others.

Talent Education and Training

The Institute’s education platform, with an exclusive physical space dedicated to education operations (Higher and Professional Education), training programs for new talents, such as the “Nova Geração” Program, and executive training tracks.

Startup Program

We lead equity free development and acceleration programs for startups in their early stages and during traction phase, in addition to offering partner benefits and subsidies for startups in the Caldeira community.

Innovation Programs

Open innovation programs to connect large companies and their business challenges with startup solutions in Brazil and around the world.

Corporate Governance

We adopt the best corporate governance practices applied by large organizations worldwide.

Being part of the 3rd sector ecosystem, the Institute has a great responsibility to maintain the highest level of governance, and for that, it has a structure and strategic partners focused on this purpose.

that accelerate

Seeking to generate even more positive and transforming impacts, Caldeira has a strategic partnership with one of the main risk management and analysis consulting companies in the world, ERNST & YOUNG ASSOCIADOS.


Conselho Deliberativo
Marciano Testa Presidente Executivo
do Conselho de Administração e Fundador do Agi
Conselho DeIiberativo
José Gallo Presidente do Conselho
de Administração da Lojas Renner
Claudio Coutinho Presidente do Banrisul
Frederico Logemann Investidor Relations & Strategic Planning Manager SLC
Frederico Renner Sócio Fundador AnLab
Haroldo Stumpf CEO do Banco Topázio
Júlio Mottin CEO do Grupo Panvel
Marcos Boschetti CEO & Co-Founder da Nelógica
Rodrigo Vontobel Neugebauer
Mathias Renner Conselho Fiscal
Sergio Quintana Conselho Fiscal
Wladimir Omiechuk Conselho Fiscal

Time Caldeira

Pedro Valério Diretor Executivo
Luis Gressler CFO
Veronica Rosado Coordenadora Administrativo Financeiro
Andressa Lima Analista Financeiro
Adriana Balbinot Analista de Facilities
Alessandra Aguiar Analista de Facilities
Letícia Sánchez Estagiária Jurídico
Carolina Cavalheiros Gerente de Novos Negócios e Comunidade
Letícia Gedrat Community Manager
Maria Eduarda Almeida Estagiária Comunidade
Karine Klein Executiva de Novos Negócios e Comunidade
Luciane Brito Executiva de Novos Negócios e Comunidade
Gustavo Rocha Assistente Novos Negócios
Marcelo Garcia Coordenador de Comunicação
Ana Cláudia Gimenez Social Media
Leonardo Kirsch Diretor de Arte
Lucas Verardi Diretor de Arte
Victor Okajima Diretor de Arte
Mariana Marimon Executiva de Projetos Especiais
Nicole Franco Coordenadora de Startups
Renata Remus Coordenadora de Eventos
Rochele Silveira Analista de Eventos
Campus Caldeira
Felipe Amaral Head Campus Caldeira
Campus Caldeira
Juliana Vieira Gestora Educacional Nova Geração
Carolina Janke Gestora de Projetos Nova Geração
Campus Caldeira
Vivian Peres Community Manager Nova Geração
Otávio Marques Assistente de Comunidade Nova Geração
Joana Duarte Gerente de Projetos